The TSP is designed for students who have demonstrated ability and interest in one of the targeted sports.

Entry to the program is competitive. Students must complete an application form and return it to school by the set date. Students may apply to be in the selection trials in a maximum of 2 sports.

The acceptance of a student into the TSP is dependant on satisfying both schooling and sporting requirements:

Students will have their academic reports reviewed by the school. In particular, students must have:

  • demonstrated a commitment to school studies.
  • displayed a satisfactory record of school conduct and an adherence to school rules.

Coaches will assess the suitability of a student for each respective program. Coaches will base their selections upon:

  • the skill level of the athlete.
  • the sporting potential of the athlete.

Coaches may also consider the historical performances, ability to work in a team, and level of fitness of an athlete.

Coaches will then indicate to the school their selections based on their assessment.


Given that:

  • the selection trials are not conducted for the purpose of coaching,
  • there is a large number of students trialled within a given time-frame,

coaches are not required to provide an assessment  of the strengths and weaknesses of each student, nor are they required to supply assessments as to why students were not accepted into a program.

Trials for prospective Year 7 students take place throughout a two-week period towards the end of Term 2 each year. For students entering the school at various times throughout the year, application forms need to be completed and submitted with appropriate supporting documentation, at which stage trials for entrance into a sport will be arranged.


Sporting Selection Policy

Students representing Endeavour Sports High School in sporting events are selected by their coaches in their respective sports. Coaches will base their selections on their:

  • judgement of the abilities/capabilities of each athlete.
  • professional experience.

In many situations the mentor of a particular sport may also contribute to the selection process. Where a coach deems it necessary, trials/race-offs may be arranged to assist the final determinations of teams/selections.